Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good Morning fellow crafters!

Just thought I would come to you this morning with a sweet sympathy card that I whipped up. I have been putting around the craft room and working slowly on cards as I house sit for Susan. She is enjoying a few days away at the moment, and I am holding down the fort while she is gone. So this morning, after a few cups of coffee and some relaxing, I made it down the hallway and into the abyss of the craft room. Since I am in no rush and I am temporarily stalled because I am out of white cards, I decided to make an cream card to pass the time. 

We have used this stamp before in a different post here, but I think it is such a sweet stamp, and can be used for so many different occasions. So, this with heartfelt sympathy" card came to be. We have had some requests for a second Simply Sympathy pack of cards because so many people are having to send them. Some of our customers are almost out of their first pack and it has been less than 2 months since we introduced the pack. 10 cards in 2 months is ridiculous! But it is our job to make saying "with heartfelt sympathy, thinking of you, you are in our prayers and so many others" as easy as possible. So we do our best to produce calm and sweet sympathy cards to send to that friend of co-worker who has recently lost someone. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. It is beautiful here in North Texas. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping! Hope you are experiencing the same!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

do-do, do-do--do-do--do-do.
Good Morning Blogosphere!

Happy Wednesday morning to you! I am so glad you all stopped by today, and
I thought we could start the morning off with a bright and cheery card, and this one Susan and I concocted last night really fits the bill! We got this AWESOME color scheme over at CR84FN Color Challenge #18. Orange, Yellow, and Kraft! I knew we could do something cute with that, and our little critter really worked out FAB with the colors and layout! I love when we get to use really fun patterned paper, and this was an easy choice (once I dug through our entire paper stash to find Orange patterns!) I love the critter from Hero Arts Happy Day Animals. Add a sweet sentiment from a Verve set, a touch of blings, and tada! We have a super sweet card that I know I would love to get in the mail! We are adding this one to our Warm Wishes Pack - a pack that is not specifically Get Well, Sympathy, or Thinking of you, but cards that are to be used for a little "pick-me-up". So send some warm wishes someone's way today! I know they would love to get something via snail mail now that everything is done by e-mail! I think I will make a quick card and send one myself!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Love Seat

Hello Lovely Ladies,

It is a late post today, mainly because Susan and I are crazy busy in our daily lives, and it isn't until our normal day is over that we get to craft a little. So, without further ado, we thought we would invite you to relax and enjoy the  really fun CAS design we made for the challenge over at Play Date Cafe Challenge #71. I LOVE black and white, and you and Susan both know how much I LOOOOVE Clean and Simple designs. I would make all of my cards CAS cards, but Susan insists that it would be too boring. :) She is right though, and I need some embellishments and ribbon and layers every once in a while *wink*. But...this was a perfect challenge to keep it simple. Obviously, my POP of color is PINK and I really love how well Black, White, and Pink go together...especially for this anniversary card! What a sweet color combo! Just charming.

Well, I am off to get things ready for bed. That cute couch is making me tired!

Thanks for stopping by for a chat! We hope you can make it by for a little relaxing again soon!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Over the Moon

Hello All,

This is an early morning post in honor of the amazing sleep i'm sure you all got! Well, as some of you know, you loose some of that sleep when sweet little babies come along, and I thought that I could make a card that was sweet and babyish and included this ADORABLE Hero Arts sheep stamp so we could enter the Hero Arts 50th Celebration challenge. To be honest, I picked up a couple new stamp sets from Hero Arts just DAYS ago, and when I saw the challenge, I could not decide which adorable stamp to pick! But this one won! Also, the sheep and the whole idea seemed to come together when I saw the 365 Cards Blog White Space Challenge. I looked at it and thought AH-HA! It just came to me. I liked the navy blue to resemble night, and I thought of the sheep as if it was 1 of many that someone might be counting (Another childhood past-time to go with the theme)! So, we decided it would round out our pack of Baby Cards and might be a nice note of congrats and encouragement to some new parents one day (some who are soon to be needing some extra ZZZzzzs. lol.)

Thanks for stopping by this morning! I hope this added to a great start to your day!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

All Aflutter

How is everyone on this fine Thursday? The sun is beaming, the trees are budding, the birds are tweeting ... it's a great day! Plus tomorrow is FRIDAY. Can I get a *woot-woot*!!! *snicker*

Today, we have a splendid CAS card to share with you and also a sneak peek at a new pack called Happy Thoughts. The idea for the new pack came from a customer request for a pack of thinking of you/encouragement cards. We love it when our customers ask us to design packs for them b/c it lets us know what occasions we have not met for them yet. And it's all about the customer, after all!

Whitney did a fantastic job on this one, IMHO! The colors were straight from this week's CR84FN Color Challenge. They lent themselves perfectly to this cheery encouragement card. The stamps are from Verve, and we were inspired to pull them out and give them some love with the March Diva's Inspiration Blog Hop and Verve Fan Hop.

If you were feeling a little down and out, wouldn't you love to receive this card in the mail? I know I sure would! Clean and simple and full of lots of cheer.

Thanks for fluttering by today! We hope you've enjoyed your layover!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hi Across the Miles

Good evening, everybody! I hope you enjoyed a terrific Hump Day. I've just gotten in from wrangling kiddos at children's choir. Whew, if only I had as much energy as they do! LOL

We're bringing you a second card today that will be a part of our *NEW* Hello Dear pack. We were so thrilled to see this week's challenge over at Wee Memories: United We Stamp. Our task was to create a card (or several) for Operation Write Home. (If you're not familiar with this terrific organization, you should hop on over & check 'em out!) Having a friend serving in Iraq right now and a cousin currently in training, this really hit near & dear to my heart!!

On to the deets for the card! With a theme firmly in mind - sending home a hello - we knew exactly what stamp would be perfect: the cute Pure Innocence Happy Mail. Now we needed to find a color scheme and a layout. For our layout, we turned to this week's Mojo Monday Sketch. It was simple and added enough layers to be interesting without having too many to seem crowded or busy. The color scheme proved a bit more challenging. We didn't want it to be too feminine or too masculine but somewhere right in the middle. In digging through our archives of favorite color schemes, we found a relatively recent one from The Cat's Pajamas that would fit the bill perfectly - a touch of pink for the ladies but plenty of masculine w/ the teal and brown for the gents. (Even though we were well outside the timeframe for entering the actual color challenge, we still felt this was the perfect choice.)

We pulled in some great accessories from the stash. How about that cute "Hi!" metal tag from Making Memories? And I love the EK Success embossed scallop punch! Is this not just cute as a button?! I can't wait to send this card off to my friend! I know he will appreciate having a cute card on hand to send home to family.

Thanks for stopping in. I hope you've enjoyed your (second) visit!

Clean and Simple

Hello, ladies!

It's been a little while since you've heard anything from me. Whitney alluded to family obligations in an earlier post this week, and that would certainly apply! My husband had knee surgery last week, so I've been home taking care of him. I thought I would get a lot accomplished, but taking care of a loved one sometimes requires a bit more of you than you anticipate. *snicker*

Now that my patient is feeling a bit better, Whitney and I are spending some time in the craft room working on new product. We have lots of new packs "in process" and we're anxious to get it all finished!

Today's card is part of a new Simply Thank You pack. True to Whitney's style, this is a very clean and simple (CAS) design. Our color scheme is based on this week's Embellish Color Trends Challenge. Our use of the color palette is a bit more subtle than you might expect. We chose the beige as the base for the card, then stamped the trees in the darker brown, and used the lighter cocoa color for the sentiment. Aside from incorporating the chosen color scheme, we're also required to incorporate birds in our card. And we knew just where to turn - the Papertrey Through the Trees set! The birds provided the perfect element for the pop of blue required for the color challenge.

Some of you may be thinking, "I think I've seen this card somewhere before." Well, you have. We CASEd ourselves! Clever, no? *wink*

We hope you've enjoyed your stop by today. We look forward to bringing you more product posts in the next several days!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Whole Notes

Hello All,

I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday. I wanted to share with you some fun ideas we had here at High Notes Ink. Since Susan and I are both singers, we like to keep the music aspect of our company anywhere we can...hence our name High Notes Ink. But it is hard to keep this theme present at all times, but we are working on it! We started with a cute idea called "quarter notes" going that High NOTES was already a play on words since we are a card company and So when someone asked us if we would make them a kind of calling card that was big enough to write a note on but could be left blank as well, we decided on 3x3 1-dymensional squares with whatever color and text the buyer wanted. Since they were note-optional, we thought "quarter notes" would be a fun title.

So now on to what I am showing you today...We had a request from another customer that was a pack of 10 cards that were usable for many occasions, just featuring patterned papers, and no text, and Voila! WHOLE NOTES came to be! We make them in just about any patterned paper you wish OR you can go for a variety pack. They are also a great thing to give little girls so they can write to their penpals and friends or family that live far away. As a kid I had a whole briefcase FULL of all kinds of stationary and cute blank cards for writing letters, and I know for SURE my mother would have bought me something like this!!

Remember that it is always fun to get something in the mail, and if you are crafters like us, cards like this take no time at all! So send a friendly "Hello" to someone today!