Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Whole Notes

Hello All,

I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday. I wanted to share with you some fun ideas we had here at High Notes Ink. Since Susan and I are both singers, we like to keep the music aspect of our company anywhere we can...hence our name High Notes Ink. But it is hard to keep this theme present at all times, but we are working on it! We started with a cute idea called "quarter notes" going that High NOTES was already a play on words since we are a card company and all...lol. So when someone asked us if we would make them a kind of calling card that was big enough to write a note on but could be left blank as well, we decided on 3x3 1-dymensional squares with whatever color and text the buyer wanted. Since they were note-optional, we thought "quarter notes" would be a fun title.

So now on to what I am showing you today...We had a request from another customer that was a pack of 10 cards that were usable for many occasions, just featuring patterned papers, and no text, and Voila! WHOLE NOTES came to be! We make them in just about any patterned paper you wish OR you can go for a variety pack. They are also a great thing to give little girls so they can write to their penpals and friends or family that live far away. As a kid I had a whole briefcase FULL of all kinds of stationary and cute blank cards for writing letters, and I know for SURE my mother would have bought me something like this!!

Remember that it is always fun to get something in the mail, and if you are crafters like us, cards like this take no time at all! So send a friendly "Hello" to someone today!

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