Friday, March 4, 2011

Over the Moon

Hello All,

This is an early morning post in honor of the amazing sleep i'm sure you all got! Well, as some of you know, you loose some of that sleep when sweet little babies come along, and I thought that I could make a card that was sweet and babyish and included this ADORABLE Hero Arts sheep stamp so we could enter the Hero Arts 50th Celebration challenge. To be honest, I picked up a couple new stamp sets from Hero Arts just DAYS ago, and when I saw the challenge, I could not decide which adorable stamp to pick! But this one won! Also, the sheep and the whole idea seemed to come together when I saw the 365 Cards Blog White Space Challenge. I looked at it and thought AH-HA! It just came to me. I liked the navy blue to resemble night, and I thought of the sheep as if it was 1 of many that someone might be counting (Another childhood past-time to go with the theme)! So, we decided it would round out our pack of Baby Cards and might be a nice note of congrats and encouragement to some new parents one day (some who are soon to be needing some extra ZZZzzzs. lol.)

Thanks for stopping by this morning! I hope this added to a great start to your day!

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