Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dad...My Guide, My Compass

Hey there! Thanks for joining us for our second reveal of our 2011 Father's Day card designs. When designing our line, we gave serious thought to what we wanted each card design to represent. We wanted each of them to be more than just a card that goes in a drawer. We wanted each one to speak to its recipient and convey a special message from each cardgiver.

Today's card speaks to the stalwart. Not only is this dad dependable and steadfast but he is an ever-present compass and moral guide on his child's journey of life. We felt like the Viva la Verve sketch from Week 3 really reinforced this simple yet effective message. We took a few liberties with the sketch, but if you study the card, you will see that each element is firmly in place - just not in the form that you may have expected. Simple but oh-so effective! Wouldn't you say? The color scheme is one of our tried and true masculine favorites. What better way to reinforce dependable and steadfast than with a favorite color scheme? I love the effect of the white craft ink on the chocolate - aged, worn, like dad's favorite shirt.

What do you think? Have we achieved what we set out to convey in our design?

Thanks for stopping by!

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