Friday, January 21, 2011

Things I Love about YOU

Hi All,

TGIF, right? Oh my, what a week this has been. We are preparing for one of our in-home shows and the card production has been on turbo all week! Since it is only a couple weeks until holiday created by card and flower companies, I thought we would do another post of this CUTE card in our selection of Valentine's that is awesomely customizable!

Now, my boyfriend wants me to make him cards that I don't make for other people (since I sell cards, he thinks that they are not special if they are not one-of-a-kind. how silly!) and a card like this is perfect for people like him. You can personally write in your 5 favorite things about your loved one, and it is something that no one else has! How great is that? I know mine will love that!! Also, they are able to take out the cute tag on which you wrote your 5 favorite things about them, and they can put it on their desk at work or keep it in their drawer and see it everyday, as opposed to put it in the box where they keep all your other cards like my boyfriend does...hey, at least he keeps them, right?

I hope y'all enjoy the post for today. I am so sappy and I just LOVE Valentine's day. This card is great for making someone's Valentine's day special! I don't know how I will choose one to give my Honey...he might end up with a couple - all personalized of course ;).

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Anonymous said...

Aren't you the clever girl, each card is unique, good job, and the card is adorable.