Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Wanna Hold Your ... Arm??

I wanna hold your ha-a-a-a-and.... Don't you just love that song? It was the first one that sprang to mind while I was making this card. Sitting side by side with your sweetheart, each in your own comfy chair, holding hands. Can't you just picture it now? Awwwww. 

But enough of that mushy stuff. On with the details! 

We wanted to create a fun line of Valentine cards that could also be used other times throughout the year. And thus the Oh My Valentine line was born. Today, meet Love in an Easy Chair. Can you tell I had music on the brain while I was working on this design? No? What song does it remind you of? *insert Jeopardy theme while you think about it* Here's a hint: Aerosmith. Now go talk amongst yourselves....
Still stumped? Well, does "Love in an Elevator" ring any bells? Haha! Thought it might! *wink* We completed this card by carrying the chair through to the inside where we paired yet another chair with the second half of the sentiment. Cute ... and simple. Perfect!
Speaking of chairs, I suppose it's about time for me to get outta this one and get going today. Have a good one everybody!

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